Quality & Safety


Quality is a full time responsibility for our personnel. The ANG quality control system is established to be consistent with and technically equivalent and conforming to the International Quality Management and Assurance Standards.

Our Quality Control / Quality Assurance Program ensures that ANG as well as that of subcontractors is performed and reported in accordance with the project's Contract Documents by utilizing an organizational team including the Project Manager, the Project Superintendent, Field Superintendents, Crew Foremen, the Project Engineer, and the Purchasing Manager. This team controls documentation issued for the project, assures that all testing is correctly performed and recorded and maintains qualification records.


At "AN Gaslines" Projects, our Quality is about delivering on what we promise, to standards that are higher than expected by our clients. Our quality management systems are continuously assessed with the aim that we do it right, every time and in achieving this, we continue to set new benchmarks in a particularly demanding industry.

With the tools that we have in place and coupled with highly skilled employees, our beginning to end management of Quality has always achieved the project objectives."

AN Gaslines is fully audited and accredited by international industry bodies.


AN Gaslines Projects is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and those that work with and around us throughout our operations.

To this end we remain dedicated to this commitment which encompasses compliance with laws, regulations and statutory obligations. In addition to this pledge, AN Gaslines Projects has implemented successful self-initiatives that ensure that health and safety remains at the forefront of our priorities.

This commitment has been recognized by our clients, communities and stakeholders and this is reflected in the numerous accolades that have been received but more importantly the several projects that have been completed with zero recordable incidents.


As a globally recognized company, our responsibility extends beyond completing projects on time and within budget. At AN Gaslines Projects, we are aware of the impact construction projects can have on the Environment and have implemented robust programs and policies to manage and minimize adverse effects on the Environment.

Our approach is that every employee will play a pro-active role in contributing towards creating a greener world which will extend to all our suppliers and sub-contractors that are engaged with us.

Whether it is cutting carbon emissions, recycling, sourcing responsibly or just eliminating waste we together with our partners and clients will continue to seek innovative methods to minimize negative impacts in delivery and maximize efficiency in use.